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When our children first arrive in our home, we are delighted. Everything that they do seems magical, and we are fascinated by them. Even when they poop on the carpet, we think it is adorable. When they smile at us, or hold on to us, we know that to this child, in this minute, we are important. We have a purpose. We are doing something right.

But soon, we realize that these moments are few and far between. The children develop minds of their own, and begin to defy everything we try to do. We begin to doubt what we are doing. A million questions enter our heads, and it can become overwhelming: Breast or bottle? Cry it out or let sleep whenever and wherever? Sugar or no sugar? Which preschool is best? What do I do when I know they are lying to me? What if my partner is not supportive? What if my mother-in-law criticizes everything I do? How do I find a reliable babysitter? Why don’t I enjoy being with my children?

These are important questions… but it is equally important to understand that there are NO right answers to these questions. Every child, every parent, every family, and every situation is different. What works in one situation may not work in another. What works one time, may completely bomb the next time. So what do we do?

3477635936My name is Linda Ray Miller, and I am here to help you. I have worked with parents and children for more than 40 years, immersing myself in studying brain development, parenting styles, and how children think. I am also trained in listening to people talk and helping them figure out what the issues behind the questions really are. As a practitioner of Nonviolent Communication, I help people discover the feelings and needs behind their actions – I help them to see that others also act out of their own feelings and needs.

I offer free workshops in the Middle Tennessee area and phone consultations from anywhere. I will meet with you for a free session, usually by phone (no need to find a babysitter!). I can help you discover the best practices to make your family life more fun, easy, and rewarding for all.

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